Whether you are looking for sports photography, graduation, religious ceremonies or just great candids - Lawlor Photography can handle your needs. Not only do we have expertise in designing funky backgrounds, but we bring out the emotion in the kids. We even have the ability to print rich real photographs on-site for fundraisers and events. Don't take our word for it, here is what our customers say:

"I can't thank you enough for the beautiful pictures of Zachary's First Communion. I actually cried because they captured the moment so precious to my heart"
- Lynne Gerkin

"Lawlor Photography is professional and most importantly reverent. They made professional quality pictures possible while still respecting the sacredness of the First Communion and Confirmation moment. The Lawlor's photography team was willing to come to our rehearsals and to speak personally with the pastor and myself to find out what was going to work out best to both get a good picture and stay under the radar of what was happening in the liturgy. We got a list of photographic options and a order form when we needed them for the parent meetings and also on the day of the event. Every child gets a picture taken so even if grandpa or grandma decides later that they want a copy, that can be worked out. I was extremely happy with the service, professionalism and quality of Lawlor Photography."
-- Andrew Watson, Director of Religious Education, St. Vincent de Paul Parish

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