Lawlor Photography is constantly scouting for unique spots for our senior photo shoots. Maybe it’s a garden, maybe it’s the football field, maybe it is a sunset shot, overlooking the city lights – photographed next to your ’58 Chevy – flooded in rich evening light - producing perfectly exposed, exquisite images. Maybe it is a shot with your dog, jumping next to you at sunrise. Some of the most perfect images are produced at sunrise, what Master photographers refer to as “Golden Hour”. Lawlor Photography has the expertise to blend artificial and natural light during this critical time to produce stunningly beautiful images.
Maybe we shoot in the studio, where we encourage you to bring your favorite CD for the shoot. Bring an instrument, bring a letter jacket, whatever it is, we will make it part of your unique image. We have several, uncomplicated backgrounds, that will compliment you.

Nancy Bauer (a returning customer) of Castle Rock, Colorado put it this way: “It was simple and easy. Somehow you captured the person’s personality!! Times TWO! I am happy to spread the word of Lawlor Photo.” Erin Curtis says: “It was fun and laid back”.

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