Maybe the reason that Lawlor Photography is so sought after for portrait imaging is because Lawlor Photography has the patience to capture YOUR EMOTION and YOUR STYLE - imaged in your unique surroundings, where YOU are the most comfortable. If we are shooting your cherub, we have the patience to capture your little one in all their mischievous glory! We may get some ice-cream on our clothes, but that is ok, we endeavor to create that unique shot you will savor for a lifetime!

One of the best parts of our masterpiece photo shoots, is that they can be taken in the comfort of your own home. We know how busy your schedule can be, and packing up a newborn to take to the studio may not be your (or the infants) idea of fun. We have great ideas, and we sometimes incorporate your child's favorite toy (or that new puppy) in the image. When your child is in their own environment, the images produced can be simply amazing.

We have the right Swedish-made lighting to capture GREAT IMAGES in any environment. The Frontz family pictured in the family portrait below, taken in Daniels Park, looks like it was taken in broad daylight, but really it was more complex than that. The family was chatting on the rocks, but the light was not perfect. We decided to bring in two hi-powered 2400 watt second strobes powered by a portable generator, (kind of like lighting the family with the sun). The results were superb! In fact, the family tells us that people come into their home, and comment on the large wall portrait saying, "You guys look like rock stars!". Some studios think this effort is overkill, as well as being difficult and time consuming, but obviously, it produces the highest quality images that OUR customers have come to expect.

I could not believe all my friends that called to tell me how gorgeous my birth announcements were thanks Peter! Allison McQueen, Denver, Colorado.

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