When your brother runs the industry benchmark for educational marketing of the top colleges and universities across the nation, TheLawlorGroup, our company must achieve the highest quality images possible. We have one intent when we image a university - produce images which will attract a diverse group of new students. From a technical perspective Lawlor Photography observes three rules for getting the really cool shots.

1. Equipment can be a deterrent, or an enhancement, to getting the perfect shot. Setting up big flash rigs in a classroom environment just ruined the shot - we prefer to invest in cutting edge equipment and apply technical expertise to capture the moment.

2. Don't pose 'em! Students can see through this in a heartbeat - you need pictures of staff and students actually enjoying themselves - not a sterile posed group. Not all photographers have an eye to capture the FRESH images you see here.

3. Pay attention. Is an IBM Selectric typewriter on that desk really the image you want to portray?

The images below were taken from a single photo shoot at Augustana College last fall. We felt you would like to see a representation of what we do on a single shoot, instead of a cherry picked images from several different shoots. Want to see more? Go to the Augie Website, where they use many of our images.

"We were exceedingly pleased with Peter Lawlor's work during our recent photo shoot on campus. His eagerness to get the best shot, overt desire to please his client, finesse with which he used to balance light and to capture the best picture, were all impressive to witness. It's obvious that Pete viewed our campus as his studio; he provided us with images that we'll use for a variety of print and web projects."

Bob Preloger - Vice President for Marketing & Communications, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD

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Student Strolling on Campus


Rob Oliver
President - Augustana College


Student Building Float  

Professor Enjoying Class


Administration Building  


Students having fun
in the classroom

Student Texting on Campus


Now that's a dorm room  


Student Sculpting