2. DIGITAL EXPERTISE. Resolution is not the only factor to consider when choosing an imaging specialist. Images produced using high-end digital capture devices require that the exposure tolerances be within 1/10th of an f-stop (that means that the exposure has to be dead on). Many of our competitors do not have the advanced equipment, nor the expertise, to shoot within this narrow exposure range. When artificial light sources, like electronic flashes are introduced (which is really 90% of the situations), the exposure tolerance decreases in magnitude. So what is the result of all this technical mumbo-jumbo? Look at any catalog today and see the poorly exposed digital images jumping off the page - images that shout "I am a low budget company with low budget goods and services". Lawlor Photography believes your images should tell your customers something different. We believe your images should say, "I have a quality product, and I care about your business". Check our commercial section, one of our clients, "Beauty on Glass" had tried various photographers, fortunately for us, photographing glass is difficult at best - and digital sensors present even more challenges. Examine our images taken for "Beauty on Glass". You be the judge.

3. ABSOLUTELY NO INKJET PRINTS. Don't be fooled! Did you know inkjet prints can begin to fade in 1-3 years (Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., the definitive authority on longevity and durability of prints). And careful, don't let those inkjet prints inadvertently be exposed to moisture, or your masterpiece will turn to spin-art. Rest assured that your images will be hand-crafted for you, on rich, traditional photographic papers. These silver-halide prints will look better, and last longer, than any cheaper photo paper imitation.

4. REASONABLE DIGITAL USE FEES. In the current economy, our clients appreciate that we are sensitive to budget constraints. We provide a DVD of images shot at no charge, with all use rights granted, for any photo shoots scheduled at our regular 1/2, or full day rates.

5. PETER WILL SHOOT. We are not a training ground for amateur or wanna-be photographers at your expense. Peter will always attend (of course there could be an illness or an occasional act of God) and control all aspects of the shoot – assuring you of the finest images for your money.

6. PATIENCE. We love children. We know some ice cream may get spilled on our clothes – that’s ok – we will still get a great shot of your little cherub.

7. CREATIVITY. Take a look at our sample prints? What you see is not what all photographers are doing – it is what Lawlor Photography endeavors to achieve on each and every shoot. If you really want the plastic props and sterile backgrounds, the discount store will be happy to oblige.

8. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO. When we love what we do, you will to. If we are happy and relaxed on the set, or your wedding, you will be to. The result: You will see people relaxed, enabling us to capture their true expressions – capturing the emotion – capturing the moment – capturing the style.

9. YOU KNOW THE PRICES UP FRONT. No hidden charges like sitting fees or set-up fees. You get a complete listing of all our work. We provide a written quote on all digital work – if we go over the estimate – we pick up the excess. We say what we mean - we do what we say.

10. Did we mention, WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK! You like your images, or your money back. It’s just that simple, it’s just that easy.